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South Africa is a popular tourist destination for those wanting to have an incredible safari experience. Anyone who’s visited this beautiful country has been captivated by its outstanding beauty. South Africa has a wide variety of wildlife which tourists can come to observe in their natural habitat.

South Africa also has unparalleled scenery which, together with the variety of wildlife, makes for an amazing holiday. Safari holidays are about adventure, amazing landscapes and once in a lifetime encounters with incredible wildlife.

The Klaserie Private Nature Reserve (KPNR) offers guests the best that South Africa has to offer.


KPNR was established in 1969 and was officially proclaimed a nature reserve in 1972. Klaserie is one of the largest privately owned nature reserves in South Africa. Klaserie reserve is situated to the west of the Timbavati Private Game Reserve and covers 60 000 hectares (600km²) on either side of the Klaserie River.

Its ideal location makes Klaserie a hub for tourists and wildlife alike. In 1969 three farmers shared the idea of combining their land along the Klaserie River. Their idea was to form a single, private nature reserve in an effort to conserve the natural state of the area. Once boundaries were set, Klaserie was officially proclaimed a nature reserve in 1972.

The KPNR is a member of the Association of Private Nature Reserves (APNR), a cooperative organization established to coordinate the interests of its members and to act as a single body in interacting with government entities. The association comprises Klaserie, Timbavati, The Umbabat, and Balule.

Community and Conservation

Klaserie is deeply committed to the non-profit organization Eco Children (formerly Children’s Eco Children) which is in an initiative of the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve.

Eco Children has been very successful in interacting with the children of the local community from a hands-on conservation education perspective and through a ‘whole school development’ approach. Eco Children has a specific focus on the environment and on education, and the significance and importance of both to our lives and the future of our country.

Klaserie hosts The Ground Hornbill Project which is sponsored by The Fitzpatrick Institute of African Ornithology and directed by Professor Phil Hockey. There are two other research projects within the APNR.

The elephant research project operating under the umbrella of “Save the Elephants” founded by Dr. Ian Douglas Hamilton and the “Tembo” project currently studying buffalo. This is one of the projects hosted by the Resource Ecology group of the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands.

There are various commercial operations within the KPNR ranging from rustic bush camps and walking trails to luxury game lodges. It is the Reserves policy to keep the commercial and thus human impact to a minimum as it is our mission to make the KPNR as near a pristine environment as possible.


If guests are searching for a unique safari experience, then Klaserie is the place for you. Klaserie is part of the Greater Kruger National Park and borders the Timbavati Game Reserve and the Kruger National Park.

Wildlife roams freely across Klaserie which means that you are likely to see a wide variety of animals during your stay, including the Big Five; the African elephant, African lions, Cape buffalo, black rhinos and African leopards.

At Klaserie, guests can witness some amazing animal’s first-hand, including the Big Five that is so sought after. There are hundreds of different and amazing species of animals, such as the cheetah, wild dog and 200 other animal species indigenous to the area.

Wildlife wanders freely over vast areas and staying in Klaserie you are likely to see all of the usual animals of the African bush including lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and many antelopes, which makes Klaserie a unique location for animal lovers who want to see more than just the Big Five.

Klaserie is a safe haven for all different types of wildlife, due to the strict anti-hunting laws enforced within the area, the animals have become habituated to and relaxed in the presence of the safari vehicles. This means guests will be able to get a closer look at the wildlife without causing any distress to the animal. Visitors will also get to witness the animals in their natural daily patterns of hunting, feeding and sleeping, which is definitely an experience to never forget!


Klaserie offers its guests exclusive wildlife viewing and 5-star award-winning, all-suite accommodation at Senalala Safari Camp, Baobab Private Lodge, Klaserie Camps and Klaserie Sands. Klaserie offers a different type of accommodation to suit any individual, from rustic South African style to modern and chic.

The private nature of this wilderness sanctuary enables guests to embrace the African bushveld in their own time – to take in the sounds, sights and smells that make the bushveld such a unique experience. Lodges within the reserve include self-catering, B&B style and fully catered, luxury game lodges, giving guests the opportunity to style their vacation in the perfect way for them.

Safari Recommendations
Klaserie also hosts unique activities perfect for all animal lovers. Activities can be booked through your accommodation and include things such as nature walks, accompanied by our highly qualified guides, and game drives for your optimal viewing experience.

During these activities guests are led by highly trained Game Rangers and qualified Trackers who will explore a wide variety of habitats, allowing visitors to view the fascinating beauty of the wild.

Why Klaserie?

Some of the many reasons why guests keep coming back to Klaserie is because of the excellent variety of wildlife that passes through the area daily. Klaserie offers excellent, once in a lifetime wildlife viewing. Klaserie is part of the Greater Kruger ecosystem, which makes for a very authentic wildlife experience, perfect for animal lovers and keen photographers alike.

Klaserie Nature Reserve is an ideal safari experience for many people, including families, friends, and photographers. Klaserie provides once in a lifetime sights and memories that you will cherish forever. Klaserie hopes to see you soon in one of the most beautiful destinations in South Africa.

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